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Water-cooled Sealer SR-4000X

Machine working video :https://youtu.be/9TqSXjdr8h8

Adopt the latest transistor and advanced CPU modular design


This machine refers to the technical requirements of imported electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, using imported electronic devices to create high quality, comprehensive sealing characteristics of all powder and liquid preparations for research and development.

In view of the common technical weaknesses of the previous domestic machine to improve, in the technical performance, process structure, functional configuration, material devices, product efficacy and other aspects are fully reflected, is a modern high-speed intelligent bottling line sealing requirements of the top with the model.

High Speed Water Cooled Induction Sealing Machine for Filling line SR-4000X


1. The fuselage is made of 304 stainless steel, with protection grade of IP51, in line with GMP standard.
2. The inductor adopts ABS material standard mold design.
3. Three-track three-dimensional magnetic field induction mode.
4. 7-inch touch screen operation interface.
5. Intelligent output control system.
6. It has the function of detecting and protecting the bottle from overheating and fire.
7. Equipped with sealing output counting function.
8. With no cover, crooked cover, no aluminum foil detection and elimination function.
9. Adopt spiral sliding lifting group to adjust the sealing position of the bottle body (maximum lifting stroke is 485 mm).
10. The whole machine has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance.
Fully enclosed module circuit, reliable performance, greatly extend the operating life of the equipment.
12. Double water pump drive circulating heat dissipation, greatly enhance the heat dissipation intensity.
13. Intelligent electrical protection system (overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage, blockage).
14. Accurate control of magnetic and thermal strength.
15. Built-in stabilized power supply, constant auxiliary power output.
16. Adopt machine running mute design.

* The conveyor and missed foil cap rejector

Suitable for sealing of plastic bottles and glass bottles, such as pesticide, medicine, food, cosmetics, grease, etc.


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